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At DoorPro we value your privacy a great amount and because of this we will handle your information with great care. We set up this privacy policy to inform you how exactly we will be dealing with your private information. We treat your details in agreement with the Dutch Personal Protection Act. All information provided by you in order to complete an order will never be sold nor provided to third parties. The Dutch Personal Protection Act gives rights to those whose personal information is to be used and states the obligations of businesses and instances. This act is applicable to the DoorPro website and all personal information that has been provided to us.


DoorPro uses cookies to optimise the functionality of this website. Cookies are tiny files stored on your computer to memorise certain things about your browsing behaviour. Cookies don’t contain personal information. You can disable cookies in your browser settings, however this might negatively affect the functionality of certain websites. Besides our personal cookies that are essential for the website, we also use cookies from third parties. DoorPro cooperates with advertisement partner Google. They are the ones placing cookies, because of this custom advertisements might show up on third party websites based on your browsing behaviour at DoorPro. The advertisers on DoorPro websites and our advertisement partners have no access to your personal information.

The interaction and information we are provided with through social media are always subject to the privacy settings of the user on the associated social network. Whenever the DoorPro website redirects you to a third party site, that website’s privacy policy applies. There are certain cases where we provide your personal information to third parties, whenever this is necessary for the service you require. What we mean by this is for example providing the transporter who delivers a package you ordered to your home with your information.